Office/Retail Projects

The Fountains

cedar rapids, ia

This commercial development entailed initial site layout, preliminary design and re-zoning through final design as well as construction administration.
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Site design challenges included planning and screening of adjacent single family residential neighborhood, extensive utility networks, limited right-of-way frontage and a wet pond with fountain features. The project includes six office and mixed-use buildings. A few of the project feature include a pond and fountain in the southwest corner of the site, two outdoor restaurants overlooking the water, and a clock tower amidst a traffic circle.

cedar rapids, ia

Hall & Hall Engineers provided the design, survey and engineering for Geonetric’s headquarters in the New Bo neighborhoods on the southeast side of historic Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
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The 3-story commercial/office building sits upon the reclaimed land, on a formerly abandoned industrial site. Its location, within the 100-year floodplain, required special engineering solutions to alleviate issues that could be created by a future flood. The solutions included raising the finished floor elevation (FFE) to a level above the 100-year flood elevation to a grading design that reduces the offsite impact from onsite runoff, among others. The 2016 Cedar Rapids flood showed the ingenuity of HHE’s design, allowing the tenants to re-access the site soon after the flood waters receded, with minimal clean up and little impact to the building or its operations.

CEdar rapis, ia

Hall & Hall Engineers provided creative and ecological solutions to Wendy’s Hamburgers on 42nd NE in Cedar Rapids.
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The commercial project was comprised of a replacement of two existing restaurants, the design and construction of a new standalone restaurant, and solutions to reduce the environmental impact of a conventional fast-food establishment. Instrumental to this ecological impact reduction were innovative native landscaping, rain gardens, and stormwater BMP’s. The benefits to Wendy’s from these innovative solutions included native vegetation requiring less water, reduced stormwater run-off through the use of infiltration practices, reduced landscaping, and increased aesthetics.


Hiawatha, ia

Relocating the successful Dave Wright Nissan-Subaru dealership from its current under sized Cedar Rapids location to a new Hiawatha location involved many moving parts. The project called for a competent, efficient, and talented engineering firm who could balance engineering of the constrained site with the client’s needs and budget.
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Hall & Hall Engineers, local to Hiawatha, was retained to process the necessary entitlements with the governing city, oversee the design, construction documents, and the construction administration of the new dealership. HHE proved capable of providing creative solutions for stormwater detention through the use of underground storage chambers, while at the same time providing the spacial needs and circulation that are critical for the operations of a successful automotive dealership.



Hall & Hall Engineers provided the design, survey , and construction documents for Rick O’Brien’s commercial development in Center Point, Iowa. The 1.35 acre project was a development of a open field located on Center Point’s main thoroughfare.
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Development of previous agricultural site posed a challenge to maintain the pre-development rate of site runoff. BMP’s, including on site stormwater storage, biocells and raingardens with native vegetation, satisfied both the city and client concerns toward the stormwater water issue. Though these solutions are not wholly unique, their implementation in the design of a small commercial development in the rural Midwest is and gives it a singular advantage over other contemporary developments. This site is another example of Hall & Hall’s superior engineering solutions.

– Biocells and Raingarden to treat stormwater & reduce runoff
– Native & salt-tolerant vegetation-reducing maintenance & ensuring longevity of project


cedar rapids, iowa area

Hy-Vee, Inc. retained Hall & Hall Engineers to provide design services for several Hy-Vee supermarkets within the Cedar Rapids Metropolitan Area.  Some of these projects included the outlot gas stations and convenience stores, too.
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Successfully capitalizing on the project goals would require an engineer not only with previous MEDCO experience, but also innovative and fresh solutions to any issue which may arise. Hall & Hall Engineers was poised to do this.
HHE’s previous experience with MEDCO projects gave them the skills to navigate the unique aspects of a MEDCO approval process. In the end HHE’s skills saved the client time, money, and trouble.

Project Features
– Native Landscape
– MEDCO design and developmental standards to increase aesthetics that would differ from traditional industrial sites
– Stormwater BMP’s to reduce runoff and offsite impacts
– North American Headquarters for global company


marion, ia

Hall & Hall Engineers provided innovative engineering, design, and landscape architecture solutions to transform a former used car lot in Marion, Iowa into a premier coffee shop. The project‘s location, along the city’s main redeveloped commercial corridor of 7th Avenue required a cutting-edge design that would set the high standard for future commercial redevelopments in along the corridor.
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Coupled with the stormwater engineering solutions, a native landscape plan is utilized throughout the project, and in turn the site requires less maintenance than a conventional fast-food restaurant plan, thereby saving the client time and money on the project.

Project Features:
• Native landscape plan
• Reduced site runoff
• Infill commercial redevelopment



Hall & Hall Engineers was retained to do design and engineering for a new infill mixed-used commercial building in the heart of Cedar Rapids booming New Bohemia (NEWBO) neighborhood.
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he 4-story building is home to the local food eatery, Pig & Porter, and the cutting edge pop-culture clothing store, RAYGUN, as well as 2-stories of residential living space. Innovative engineering solutions, necessary since it is located within the 100-year floodplain, included raising the finished floor elevation (FFE) to a level above the 100-year flood elevation, as well as a grading design that reduces the offsite impact from rainstorm runoff, among others. The 2016 Cedar Rapids flood showed the ingenuity of HHE’s design, allowing the occupants to re-access their homes site quickly after the flood waters receded, with minimal clean up and little impact to the building and operations.