Industrial Projects

General Mills Warehouse Facility


Hall & Hall Engineers, Inc. partnered with Septagon Construction Company and General Mills to provide civil engineering design services for the new 9.1 acre warehouse facility. Their existing seventy-nine acre parcel is located in SW Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Site design included roadways, semi-staging parking, docking and loading facilities, with storm water management being the major design component.

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With an extensive system of product conveyance amongst warehousing and distribution, an in-depth circulation analysis was required to ensure facility programs functioned as intended with considerations for future expansion possibilities.

Based over site boundary constraints, the warehouse was sited on an existing tributary drainage-way conveying approximately 525 acres of runoff through the site to Prairie Creek. Storm water management included a detention/retention basin with approximately 2.2 acre surface area. Storm water is released from the basin through two, 4’ x 10’ side by side concrete box culverts, which convey storm water under a portion of the building. Overflow is conveyed through an opening provided in the building approximately forty feet wide by five feet high. The channel relocation and modification required securing a Joint Permit application from the Iowa Department of Natural Resources and the Army Corps of Engineers



While developing plans for the construction of a new warehouse facility, owners at Van Meter Industrial made a committed effort to involve designers that could help them achieve a LEED rated building and site.

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The project involved best management practices with stormwater retention, electric vehicle charging stations, and green architecture strategies. Native vegetation was utilized throughout the site to aid in accomplishing their LEED Gold status.
Civil engineering challenges with this project were based on a constrained site dimensions for semi-trailer turn-around and material handling. Our design developed a simple and clear layout that maximized the space available for safe and efficient truck maneuvering to import and export products. 


Serviced Provided

 Site Design and Layout

  • Utility Infrastructure
  • Drainage and Erosion Control
  • Roadways and Parking Areas
  • Detailed Site Grading
  • Construction cost of $5 M
  • LEED Gold Rating



Founded in 1986, Legacy Manufacturing make high-quality industrial and automotive products, including industrial hoses, grease guns, and plugs for air lines. As the company grew, they called on Hall & Hall Engineers to design, survey, and engineer their new HQ located on 21.55 acres in the new Marion MEDCO District.

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The final build out is a 124,000 SF building with 116,000 sf paved parking lot.

An on-site biocell provides a green stormwater management solutions unique to industrial sites. A regional stormwater basin captures the excess run-off and reduces the environmental impact of the industrial site.



The American headquarters and manufacturing home for ELPLAST, a European based manufacturer of plastic food packaging systems, was designed and engineered by Hall & Hall Engineers. The site, located near the Marion (Iowa) Airport is subject to Marion Economic Development Corporation (MEDCO)’s unique developmental standards in exchange for economic incentives.

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Successfully capitalizing on the project goals would require an engineer not only with previous MEDCO experience, but also innovative and fresh solutions to any issue which may arise. Hall & Hall Engineers was poised to do this. HHE’s previous experience with MEDCO projects gave them the skills to navigate the unique aspects of a MEDCO approval process. In the end HHE’s skills saved the client time, money, and trouble.

Project Features

  • Native Landscape
  • MEDCO design and developmental standards to increase aesthetics that would differ from traditional industrial sites
  • Stormwater BMP’s to reduce runoff and offsite impacts
  • North American Headquarters for global company



Founded in 1918, Miron Construction has expanded from their humble beginnings in Neehah, WI to six regional offices throughout the Upper Mississippi River valley, with the newest one in Cedar Rapids, IA. Through time Miron Construction has shown a commitment to achieving LEED-rated site and buildings, and this commitment was evident when Hall & Hall Engineers, Inc.’s was selected as the civil engineer and landscape architect of the 18,800-sf Iowa division headquarters office and warehouse.

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HHE’s previous experience with green/LEED engineered projects ensured that the project would be a state-of-the-art green design.

The project includes 12,000-sf of office space and 6,800-sf of warehouse space that utilize best management practices (BMP’s)such as stormwater retention and green architecture strategies. Native vegetation was also used throughout the site to aid in accomplishing the LEED certification, which is currently in process.

Services Provided

  • Site Survey
  • Plan of Improvements
  • Civil Engineering (including Stormwater, SWPPP, & NPDES components)
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Construction Staking
  • LEED elements and component engineering