Prairie Hill Elementary School

Cedar rapids, ia

The design and planning of this project required several creative solutions for grading and sanitary sewer construction. Roughly 30 inches of fill were needed to establish the building foundation pad enabling connections to the existing gravity sewer system. Rather than import several thousand yards of soil from an off-site source, the design team identified a four acre area on the nearby campus to borrow the material from.

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In doing so, the topography of the borrow area was leveled to create four new little league fields, while saving the client thousands of dollars in trucking costs. In addition, a separate site preparation contract was completed prior to the building contract to expedite the construction process. The site was rough graded prior to the commencement of building construction allowing the building foundations to be installed early Spring of 2013. This process allowed for the project to stay on schedule even in one of the wettest seasons on record in Iowa history.