Kirkwood-Oakdale Campus

coralville, IA

Hall & Hall Engineers was responsible for the site design and engineering of the new Kirkwood-Oakdale campus. HHE’s role included concept design of innovative stormwater treatment solutions including rain gardens & bio-retention cells, native landscaping, permeable pavers, alternative energy, concept planning, and construction administration.

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Earning a LEED Gold Rating, this design utilized innovative ecological solutions to reduce the environmental impact on the site. The campus parking lot plays a critical role in this goal. The large parking lot, usually made of impervious material, instead utilizes permeable pavers, reducing stormwater run-off. In addition, the conventional curb around the parking was eliminated allowing stormwater to flow into nearby rain gardens and the bio-retention cells, which filters and decreases storm run-off. Native vegetation was used in the gardens and cells to aid in the absorption and cleansing of the rain water. The alternative energy solution is actually unseen to users in the form of a geothermal well, as part of the mechanical system, to heat and cool the building.


 Project Highlights Project Features

  • LEED Gold Rating
  • Rain Garden & Bio-Retention Cells
  • Native landscaping
  • Green Roof
  • Permeable Pavers
  • 101,000 Total Building size


Washington, IA

 Hall & Hall Engineers partnered with a local architecture firm for Kirkwood Community College’s new two-story 36,900-sf Washington County Regional Center. Located south of Iowa City, in Washington County, the regional center gives Kirkwood a permanent presence in the county.

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HHE’s skill with grading and engineering for the site were utilized because the new building is set on a knoll just northwest of the city of Washington, IA. Stormwater management, including manholes and intakes were utilized on site, as well.

The regional center provides 115 parking spaces with the ability for future expansion.

Services Provided

  • Land Surveying
  • Civil Engineering (including stormwater management)

Coe college Parking Improvements

Coe COllege: cedar rapids, IA

Historic Coe College, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa faced a conundrum; they needed to increase their parking capacity, while at the same time knowing that they were to lose parking due to The Eby Fieldhouse Renovations & Additions Project in the location of an existing parking lot. Hall & Hall Engineers team of landscape architects, engineers, and various designers tackled the issue and exceeded the client’s expectations with the solution’s results.

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HHE provided survey, design, green design grant assistance, right-of-way vacating and construction services to Coe College. The solution required the redevelopment and reconstruction of an open field and adjacent street, respectively.

 An existing street with parallel parking had ROW vacated, was widened and redesigned allowing head-in parking, and an open field was regraded, raised, and paved with ecological permeable pavers. The pavers and an underground detention structure, provide an ecological parking surface that allows stormwater to pass through, and be stored, thereby reducing run-off and offsite stormwater impacts due to site development. A native landscape was installed to also reduce runoff and site maintenance, decreasing the economic impact to the client. In the end, overall parking was increased on campus, even with parking losses due to the new Eby Fieldhouse construction.