Project Description:

Dyersville City Park Plan Illustration

The City of Dyersville selected Hall & Hall Engineers (HHE) to provide master planning services for flood prone areas in the heart of their community. The devastating flood of 2008 caused significant damage to a number of homes south of 3rd Avenue SW and east of 2nd Street SW. Immediately following the flood, the City, in conjunction with FEMA, offered a voluntary buyout of the properties damaged. Thirty property owners participated in this program.

After the buyout, strict guidelines limited what could be redeveloped within the buyout areas to primarily green space. With careful planning HHE prepared a viable park plan which turned this significant greenbelt into a valuable asset for the community.

A number of amenities are proposed within the 55-acre green space including disc golf, passive recreation areas with native prairie plots, community gardens, a community orchard and a farmers market pavilion. The space is also intertwined with walking trails linking green space with the surrounding neighborhoods. These types of amenities invite social belonging and offer a quality of life that will attract people to live in the Dyersville community. When complete this green “necklace” will be a significant attraction that few other communities can match.