Project Description:

College Community Ball Field Plan

College Community School District retained Hall and Hall Engineers to provide master planning and design services for a 45 acre parcel south of their main campus. Our work included completing a flood impact analysis, wetland delineation, jurisdictional permitting, master planning, preparation of construction documents and construction administration.

At project startup we worked closely with the steering committee to identify project goals and objectives. Then our project team collaborated with user groups, the athletic department and school officials to gather vital information about their long-term vision for this area. This provided a solid foundation for the design team as the master plan was developed.

We worked closely with school officials throughout the design process and always considered the project budget as we made design decisions. Our teams anticipated a construction cost of $2.9 million, which fell in between the low and high bidder. The extra attention given to the project budget allowed school officials to accept some bid alternate upgrades while meeting the overall allocated budget.