Project Description:

Eagle Heights Elementary Turn Lane

This project involved the installation of a left turn lane on Highway 136 in Clinton, Iowa and residential driveway reconstructions associated with the road re-construction. Highway 136 is a two-lane urban section with a posted speed of 35 mph and an estimated 1,230 AADT in 2010. The project is located in a residential single family neighborhood with multiple driveway connections to the highway within the project limits. The intersection for Eagle Heights School was partially constructed and left unfinished due to issues in the original design which prevented a left turn lane on Highway 136 into the school to be constructed as designed.

Hall & Hall was utilized to review the original design plans completed by a different firm and develop a solution that would allow the completion of the left turn lane into the school and finish the partially constructed Eagle Heights School intersection.

Due to the existing terrain and driveway constraints design variances had to be obtained from the Iowa DOT. Public information was ongoing throughout design and construction. Hall & Hall also obtained several temporary easements from land owners for construction purposes. Coordination between the City of Clinton, Iowa DOT, and Clinton School Board was a key element in making this project successful. All designed work was constructed or reconstructed to current ADA requirements. Driveways were disrupted when water services were lowered to accommodate the storm sewer infrastructure. Residents were kept well informed of construction progress and schedules.