CyRide OfficeProject Description:

Located in Ames, Iowa, the CyRde facility was sited in a floodplain and required concrete walls with removable flood gates to be added to protect the building. If floodwaters did threaten in the future, gates will be installed to keep out up to 4 vertical feet of water. In serendipity, the walls also serve to provide privacy to the building’s dining patio and users, which is adjacent to a high-traffic bus garage next door. Prior to the merger with Hall & Hall Engineers, Loren Hoffman, of Hoffman Design Consultants, lead the site design of this project.

A priority of CyRide was to create a design that employed sustainable practices wherever possible. This CyRide office addition obtained LEED Gold status and was honored with an AIA Iowa Excellence in Sustainable Design Award in September 2008.